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C. Garages and parking

The effect of the garage on the streetscape, whether a 2 or 3 car size, is an important element in the overall appearance of the subdivision. We encourage designs where the garages are recessed past the front of the house face and projecting garages would not project more than 3.0 meters past the main house plane or face of adjacent verandah columns. The garage location must conform to the location indicated on the grading plan as provided by The Developer. Single garage doors in a staggered setback are preferred. For three car garages facing the street, at least one door must have a staggered setback. If the plan has a side entry garage, architecturally designed front elevations, complete with windows to match main house style and proportion, are required. Three car side entry garages on standard lots are not permitted. No driveway is permitted within one (1) meter from the adjacent, side property line to ensure an area for planting. See attached examples for site.