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Design guidelines

Design guidelines add to the beauty, desirability, and value of property in The Creeks. Drawings for all homes in The Creeks must be approved, to protect your investment by maintaining the cohesiveness of the neighbourhood without limiting creativity in design. It’s just one more reason The Creeks has become Regina’s most prestigious neighbourhood.

Architectural Approval Process

Prior to the application for a building permit, the applicant must submit to the Architectural Reviewing Agent the following information:

A copy of the site plan at 1/16” scale, indicating the location of the building, all setbacks, final grades, proposed floor elevations, driveway location with slope indicated, four exterior elevations specifying materials, and color samples for exterior materials. This can be submitted in electronic format.

Landscape Approval Process

Prior to the commencement of landscaping, the applicant must submit to the Landscape Reviewing Agent the following information:

A copy of the landscape plan identifying the building footprint, site drainage and grading, driveway location, planting, and irrigation (refer to Landscape Guidelines section for details).

All applicants are encouraged to submit plans for preliminary review to ensure compliance prior to completion of drawings.

The Developers of “The Creeks” have the sole discretion as to the intent and implementation of the guidelines, and subsequently, revisions to the submitted drawings may be required to meet the criteria. The Developers have the right to decline the approval of any house if, in their sole and absolute opinion, the house will detract from the quality of the street appearance. The Developers may, in their sole and absolute discretion, waive or change, in whole or in part, any requirement respecting the design guidelines, and in like manner shall be entitled to waive any and all similar provisions with respect to any other houses in the area.

Upon completion of the review by The Developers, the applicant will be notified of any outstanding items or deficiencies. Upon the re-submission and subsequent review, the applicant will be advised of the approval of the submission.

Final Building/Landscape Inspection

Upon completion of construction of the house on the lot and all required landscaping and lot grading, the Builder shall request a final inspection from The Creeks. A reviewing agent appointed by The Creeks shall inspect the home and issue a site inspection report to The Creeks setting out whether all work is in compliance with the approved drawings and The Creeks Design Guidelines. The Creeks shall then issue to the Builder, a list of deficiencies to be completed or grant approval. The Builder will immediately rectify all deficiencies and request a second site inspection by the Reviewing Agent. If the Builder fails to observe, perform or keep any of the provisions of the Design Guidelines, The Creeks may, at its sole discretion and without prejudice take action to ensure that the deficiencies are rectified.