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Can an individual buy a lot and build their own home?

No, with our master planned community, lots and homes can only be purchased and built by a Qualified Builder.

How far away is the bypass from The Creeks?

The bypass, which is currently under construction and scheduled for completion in 2018, is approximately 550 metres from the rear property line of the lots in Phase 6 that back the environmental reserve. With the bypass and the Regina Ring Road, residents in The Creeks will enjoy easy access to other parts of Regina as well as the provincial highway network, thereby making The Creeks one of the most accessible neighbourhoods in Regina.

I want to build a home in The Creeks. What should I do?

We invite you to contact our office by email or phone, and we can help you with any questions you may have and discuss lot availability. You can also contact a home builder who has all the information required to build a home in The Creeks. You can also visit show homes in The Creeks and speak to a builder representative and tour the neighbourhood.

Who is a Qualified Builder?

Qualified Builders are builders who are a member in good standing with a certified home warranty program. Qualified Builders must also be a member of the Regina and Region Home Builders’ Association (RRHBA) in the Builder Category.

Who maintains the parks and open spaces?

The developer designs and builds all of the park and open spaces in The Creeks. Immediately following construction there is a short period of time where the parks are maintained by the developer. Upon receipt of the Construction Completion Certificate, maintenance of the parks is taken over by the City of Regina parks maintenance department.

Why does The Creeks have design guidelines?

The Creeks is a prestigious residential community in southeast Regina. The implementation of Design Guidelines ensures a premier quality home environment and protects individual property investments by setting the minimum standards for excellence in design and construction.

Will there be any development between The Creeks and the bypass?

The area between The Creeks and Chuka Creek is in the City of Regina. The land is a floodplain and has been zoned as Environmental Reserve. The property east of Chuka Creek up to the bypass is in the RM of Sherwood and is under the joint planning control of the RM of Sherwood and the City of Regina. The area is currently zoned agricultural and there is only one resident allowed to live on this parcel of land. The agricultural activities on this parcel are restricted to essentially grain farming. Due to limited access, no plans for services, restrictions placed on the land by the Department of Highways and the City of Regina’s long term development plan which does not include this parcel,the chance of any development occurring east of Chuka Creek and west of the bypass is highly unlikely.

Will there be any schools built in The Creeks?

No, there will be no schools built in The Creeks. The school boards determined that the appropriate location for the joint use elementary school would be in The Greens on Gardiner, which is the neighbourhood just north of Arcola Avenue and very close to The Creeks. We recommend that residents contact the local school boards with respect to which schools children living in The Creeks will attend as well as information on bussing to schools.

Will there be commercial development in The Creeks?

There will be no commercial development in The Creeks. The Creeks has been planned as a low density community with spacious lots for a quiet, luxurious neighbourhood.

Will there be public transit in The Creeks?

Currently, there is a City of Regina bus that comes into The Creeks along the northwest section of Chuka Drive between Chuka Boulevard and Wascana Gate. A bus route through The Creeks has been planned and is shown on the Concept Plan. Whether or not a bus will eventually follow the complete planned bus route will be up to the City of Regina transit department and will likely be based on demand from the residents.